Excellent shelves with grow lights for microgreens growing - Gilė Sprout

Life is changing every day. People become more and more socially responsible. Everybody, from toddlers to their grandparents, from farmers to the wolves of Wall Street, are starting to worry about what they are going to leave for the future generations, thinking about how to live healthier and how to make the biggest positive imprint on our mother nature.


“Gilė House” team, inspired by this global movement, have created special product- amazing shelves for sprouts and microgreens growing at home all year round. The design was inspired by nature, creating this aesthetically pleasing product for you. Eye-catching shapes and forms make you want to dive into this wholesome activity. With the help of this stunning invention, everybody may impact their own life and make changes worldwide.


No more pesticides, less transportation, less damage to nature. All fresh and natural.


Only healthy 100% ecological food, which you will easily grow at home.


No matter who you are or where you live – we have created an opportunity

for you to create a better future! Join us!



Surround yourself with beauty and uniqueness. Your choice reflects your inner self – the creator in the creation and the creation in the creator.

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Life is changing every day
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