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Gile sprout team‘s out and about



In order to bring the best experience to you, our Gile house team gathered together one fine Friday morning, to film some videos and have some fun.

The morning was very autumny and warm, with flying cobwebs and morning dew all around.

The plan was to film two shorts as quickly and as productively as possible, not to mention to have fun whilst doing it.

What initially we wanted to show you, was how our shelves bring people, health and fun together. Working towards one goal, all together. What can be better than that?

During one of our takes, we were hoping for some good old autumn rain – to water our newly planted seeds. But unfortunately, it was a peak of Indian summer, and it was really sunny and warm. So no rain in sight.

Autumn rain

But not to worry – improvisation and quick thinking saved the day. We made our own rain!

  • instructions
  • instructions

Our team is not only good at fun improvisation but also masters at super healthy and delicious smoothies. A quick look around at already sprouting goods and we got ourselves some nutritious lunch. Look around our page – you’ll find some of our favorite recipes.

We had an amazing time doing these videos for you – hope you had fun watching them. Stick around for more of our adventures, delicious recipes, and news!


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