What is so special about growing microgreens and sprouts at home? Part II - Gilė Sprout


What is so special about growing microgreens and sprouts at home? Part II


Let’s continue our little conversation, about why you should consider sprouting. Check out part I in case you missed it.

Probably the best thing for me is that with our sprouting shelves you can grow your food all year. It doesn’t matter it is January or July, special LED lights allow you to grow greens anytime. For me, it is super helpful in winter because all the vegetables from the shop taste terrible and I bet their nutrient value is as good as the taste.

In addition, I want to mention that it is productive and it is not a toy garden. I found that growing a few trays of microgreens in our shelves provided enough greens to make salads every day. So once you start growing at home there is no need to buy vegetables from the shop or at least you minimize it a lot.

One more great thing about our shelves is that they save space at home. You can put it on a windowsill or in a place where is no natural light. All your plants will be in one place so it is very comfortable and looks like an amazing little jungle.

If you are a mum or a dad and wonder there is no time for sprouting I have good news for you. Kids love to help with this activity. They love to follow all the processes, to see how plants are growing and at the end to taste it! So it is a win-win situation. They learn many things about gardening and from an early age start to eat vegetables.

Probably some of you still think it is a difficult process but believe me it is not. Indoor gardening is easy to learn. After instructions I will give you in other articles  you will be harvesting fresh and lush microgreens like a pro.

It will become your most favourite hobby and meditation after hard work. Planting, watering and gardening help you to relax and relieve stress. Nothing releases your minds but meditation with plants. And results of successful gardening bring a sense of satisfaction.

I want to mention that sprouters love company. You can make a community of people with the same interests. It may not seem like there are many of us around, but once you start talking about your sprouting experience, you may find that there are others near you who do sprout or once sprouted or are thinking about starting to sprout.

So, all in all, greens are nutritious, organic, fast-growing with the big variety, always fresh, looking beautiful and growing all year round. While indoor gardening is productive, saves space, is loved by kids, is easy to learn and can become your best hobby with a new company! Is it enough reasons to start sprouting? Definitely yes! Moreover, I think it is easier to sprout some seeds than to tell all the benefits of sprouting.

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