Basics for successful microgreens growing

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Basics for successful microgreens growing


My name is Paulius and today I‘m going to tell you basics for successful microgreens growing at home. Although in the future we will speak about small and specific subjects of home gardening, now I feel a duty to mention most important things because without this basic knowledge none of a tiny little secret will help you to grow a successful crop of healthy microgreens.

Basic rule number 1 – choose the best quality organic raw seeds you can find! Because only such seeds have the best germination rate. Remember, that only a trustworthy seller may provide the best quality.

The seller should be certified. That is probably the single most important criterion on how to decide which seeds-provider to choose. Especially if you are buying them online. Of course, good reviews help, but it’s not a TripAdvisor, and you may struggle to search for reviews. It’s a little bit easier if you are buying seeds in your local store and there is an opportunity to touch and see the seeds. But you need to know how organic raw seeds look like. Usually, their appearance is worse than the ones grown with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Just because they are grown organically and was not artificially propped up, the plants are grown to survive and thrive in systems that rely on healthy soil, using the same techniques that you will use to grow your garden. Another place where you can buy seeds is the market. Most of the sellers will tell you that their seeds are organic but it is always a risk buying from them because usually, they don’t have documents to prove it. So choose carefully and remember that if you will get good quality seeds, gardening will be a real pleasure.

And remember, that the most important thing is the seeds. Not the density of the sown seeds, not even the fact whether they are covered with a humidity dome or not. Only the good quality seeds will germinate and definitely grow!

Basic rule number 2 – choose your medium carefully. There are plenty of different mediums like coconut coir, vermiculite, perlite, and many other different soilless pads, so sometimes it is hard to choose the right one. It is in your best interest to try all and decide which one suits you best.

Sometimes people don’t have enough time or energy to do that. In this case, we recommend using a good quality soil. It is a natural environment for any plants and maybe that is the reason why microgreens grow best there. Also, microgreens absorb nutrients from medium and soil, and it is the only medium that can provide that, so you have one more reason to choose it. For microgreens growing suits natural organic seed starting soil or other organic potting soil. The most important tip here – do not use the cheapest soil, as it won’t be suitable for your garden.

Basic rule number 3 – provide enough warmth and sunlight to your plants. It sounds so simple and easy, right?  Yes, but believe me, it is a real problem, especially in a cold season. If you are growing microgreens at home but not outside, like in a basement, balcony or terrace – probably everything is fine with the warmth. But what about sunlight?

In a warm season, you should find a place without the direct sunlight and in a cold season, it will be lacking the sunlight. And it doesn’t matter at all where you put your trays. So here is only one and best solution – sprouting shelves with LED grow lights. These shelves save your space – you can grow many different microgreens at once and all of them will be provided with a perfect amount of light. We did a lot of research about the grow lights that we use – which colors of lights are the most important, what intensity it should be, what is the best distance between plants and lights. Now we can proudly present our sprouting shelves – perfect combination between practice and beauty. In these shelves microgreens grow stronger, their roots’ system is more developed. The exact amount of light does not allow plants to get too tall and leggy. They grow healthy and their leaves are a dark green color. So it’s up to you how you will provide your microgreens with enough light.

Basic rule number 4 – proper watering. This one is the most advanced rule. If previous rules were based only on the right choices, this one is different. The worst thing is that it doesn’t matter what I am going to tell you, all the process and decisions will be up to you. Good decisions and actions come from experience, so everybody should go through this.

I can write a separate article about watering and in the future, and I probably will, but for now, I only want to ask you to be very careful while watering and checking the humidity level. Don’t be afraid to touch the soil and feel if it is dry or wet. If it is wet – don’t water anymore and if it is dry – press down your finger into the soil and check the moisture level deeper. If it is still dry – you need to water. Later it will be enough just to look at your plants but at the beginning is it usually a bit more challenging. Don’t be afraid to do mistakes. The most important thing here is to learn from your mistakes. I will give you a briefing of my watering tips and maybe you will avoid some of the possible mistakes.

Firstly, while planting and for the first stages of microgreens growing – use a sprayer. You won’t wash off your seeds that are scattered on a medium and you won’t damage young microgreens. When your crops grow bigger you can start using a watering can. Secondly, you need to check the moisture level daily. Finally, and especially if you have problems with mold and fungus – try pouring the water in the plate under your tray. It may solve these problems. In conclusion, I want you to remember that it is really important to water your plants only when they need it. Try not to overwater them and avoid a lack of water as well.

If you understood the importance of these rules, you need to check what are the best accessories for microgreens growing.

Good luck!

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