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The best accessories for microgreens growing



Hello everybody,

I am very glad that we launched our instructional videos and started to get feedback from you. From that feedback, we realized that many of you want to know that equipment and accessories are the best for microgreens growing activity. Some of you are not even able to grow a perfect harvest just because of poor quality soil or bad sprouters. So I will write down all the accessories we are using. We have tried many different but these microgreens growing tools are the best.

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To begin with, I want to introduce you to our trays and saucers. There are two different sizes. Big is something around a double size small. One of the most important reasons to choose these trays is that they look really good. For us, it seems to be a stupid decision to take ugly standard trays and put them in our stylish shelves. If your microgreens growing space won’t look good, you will spend less time with your greens. And less time spent with your plants may be a result of poor harvest. The second reason – they perfectly fit on our shelves. Next, they are super durable. That means you will use them for ages. If that is not enough, I will add that trays are made from recyclable plastic and available in three different colours. But the best thing for me is, that they are very universal. You can use both – tray and saucer as a blackout dome and also for some microgreens you can use a saucer as a tray. Isn’t it cool?

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The next thing that you going to need is a growing medium. There are plenty of different mediums like coconut coir, vermiculite, perlite, many different soilless pads but we prefer soil. Microgreens absorb nutrients from medium and only soil has them. It is important to use good quality soil. We are using Universal Compost Soil with Perlite for indoor plants. Of course, you can use any other natural organic seed starting soil or other organic potting soil. Only one recommendation here: do not use a cheap one. It is not suitable for microgreens growing.


Our watering cans are very elegant and lightweight. The practical design is comfortable to use and easy to fill due to the ergonomic grip and wide opening. Due to the extremely narrow spout, it is very easy to reach plants in hard-to-reach areas and water is coming very gently through it.


Now let’s check our sprayer. This device is one of the best in such a sprayer’s category. Thanks to a specially shaped tank, the comfort of unscrewing the sprayer head from the tank is higher. The transparent volume scale will make it easy to see the liquid’s level in the tank. The best thing about these sprayers is that they are equipped with a 3D FLEX system, so we can spray continuously in every position of the sprayer. An important element that has been introduced is Auto-lock, it allows continuous operation of the sprayer without having to press the button.

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We have tried many different sprouters and sprouting jars. But our favourites are these. Mostly because it is very easy to use and super easy to clean. They are made from metal and glass, that’s why they do not become slick and glitzy after using like plastic ones. And I almost forget to mention, they look great and are available in two colours and two different types – with 3 and with 2 jars.

If you found this information useful, double-check microgreens growing basics.  I hope this information will help you to achieve a master’s level in home gardening.

Good luck!

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