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Large Grow Tray Saucer Black
Large Grow Tray Saucer Black
Large Grow Tray Saucer Black
Large Grow Tray Saucer Black

Large Grow Tray Saucer



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Saucer makes growing your own microgreens at home even more enjoyable. This multifunctional saucer can be used in three different ways.

1. Place small grow pots on the saucer to allow seeds and cuttings to grow.

2. Pair the saucer with the grow tray. You can place different sized grow trays on the saucer. The saucer collects any excess water and functions as a water reservoir for the plants.

3. Use the saucer as a grow house and protection from the light at the first phase of microgreens grow.

This saucer is made of recycled plastic. It can be placed in direct sunlight, the UV-filter will prevent any fading colours. The cover is easy to clean and suitable for temperatures to -40 Celsius.

Large Grow Tray Saucer
L 35,7 x H 2.2 x W 25,6 cm
Colour black
Collects excess water, protecting the roots against rotting.
Due to the UV-filter the products maintain their colour even in direct sunlight.
The products are frost-resistant to – 40 degrees.
The products are made of recycled plastic.


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