Organic Dill Seeds 250g for Sprouting and Microgreens - Gilė Sprout


Dill for microgreens
Dill for microgreens

Organic Dill Seeds 250g

for microgreens


Ingredients: 100% dill (Anethum graveolens) seeds for sprouting, proceeding from organic farming.

Product may contain traces of nuts, gluten and mustard.

Keep your seeds in their sachets at room temperature in a dry place.

Origin: Italy

Manufactured by: Veyranno Ltd t/a Fruit Hill Farm, Ireland


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Dill, sometimes called dill weed originated in southern Russia, the Mediterranean, and Western Africa. It has been used as a medicinal herb for at least 5,000 years. The Ancient Egyptians used dill as a soothing medicine, and it was also used in aphrodisiacs and to ward off witches. The Greeks used dill as a symbol of wealth. The Romans believed that dill brought good fortune. The Romans also used dill leaves in the wreaths they made to recognize athletes and heroes. In ancient times soldiers would apply burnt dill seeds to wounds to help them heal.


To grow dill microgreens you do not need to soak or rinse and drain seeds. Prepare your soil by getting it sufficiently moist but be careful not to over water. Spread seeds evenly across the surface of the soil, press them firmly into media for maximum soil contact. There is no need to cover because light helps dill to germinate. Continue to water when need. Harvest when the look and the flavor is to your liking. It grows slowly but harvest should be ready in 16-25 days.


Dill has a deliciously fresh, citrus-like taste, with a slightly grassy undertone. The trademark subtle sweetness means it works particularly well with garlic and mint, and it’s sometimes used as a substitute for parsley.


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