Organic Mustard Seeds 250g for Sprouting and Microgreens - Gilė Sprout


Mustard for sprouting and microgreens
Mustard for sprouting and microgreens

Organic Mustard Seeds 250g

for microgreens


Ingredients: 100% mustard (Sinapis alba) seeds for microgreens, proceeding from organic farming.

Product contains mustard. Product may contain traces of nuts and gluten.

Keep your seeds in their sachets at room temperature in a dry place.

Origin: Italy

Manufactured by: Veyranno Ltd t/a Fruit Hill Farm, Ireland


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The origins of mustard are lost to history, but it is a Northern Hemisphere plant. These seeds have been found in Stone Age settlements. The Sumerians ground it into a paste and mixed it with verjus, the juice of unripped grapes. Wealthy Romans ground it and mixed it with wine at the table. Cultivated for thousands of years, mustard was the primary spice known to Europeans before the advent of the Asian spice trade. Westerners had mustard long before pepper, which originated in India.


To grow mustard microgreens you don’t need to soak seeds. Prepare your soil by getting it sufficiently moist. Spread seeds evenly across the surface of the soil. After seeds are sown, cover for two-three days to allow seeds to germinate, and then uncover seeds and place under a grow light. Continue to water when need. Harvest when the look and the flavor are to your liking. So, begin sampling the greens when the first set of leaves form to determine when to cut! Mustard microgreens will be ready to harvest in about a week.


If you’re looking for a spicy and pungent tasting microgreen to add to your salads or dishes, mustard is a great choice. In hot or warm food you can just wait to add the microgreens until the dish is ready to set on the table to keep them crisp.


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