Organic Radish Daikon Seeds 250g for Sprouting - Gilė Sprout


organic radish daikon seeds for microgreens
organic radish daikon seeds for microgreens

Organic Radish Daikon Seeds 250g

for sprouting and microgreens


Ingredients: 100% radish daikon (Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus) seeds for sprouting, proceeding from organic farming.

Product may contain traces of nuts, gluten and mustard.

Keep your seeds in their sachets at room temperature in a dry place.

Origin: Italy

Manufactured by: Veyranno Ltd t/a Fruit Hill Farm, Ireland


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Daikon radish seeds come from the daikon plant, which is a winter radish with a mild flavor. Its name translates from the Japanese for big root. Most of the world’s daikon supply is cultivated in Japan and is consumed there as well, though the root vegetable is eaten all over Asia. Historians believe that daikon radishes most likely originated in the Mediterranean region but that they reached Japan somewhere in the 300-400 AD period. The daikon root is ubiquitous in Japanese cooking.


It is very easy to sprout radish daikon. Allow the seed to soak for 4-6 hours, then rinse and drain every 8-12 hours in a sprouter for 3-4 days. Also you can easily grow radish daikon microgreens. Prepare your soil by getting it sufficiently moist. Spread soaked seeds evenly across the surface of the soil. After seeds are sown, cover for one to two days to allow seeds to germinate, and then uncover seeds and place under a grow light. Continue to water when need. Harvest when the look and the flavor is to your liking. So, begin sampling the greens when the first set of leaves form to determine when to cut! Harvest should be ready in 10-15 days.


The flavor of radish daikon microgreens is sweet and spicy and is extremely versatile. These tiny greens pack many times the nutrient density as full-grown greens. These radish greens are juicy, crisp and tender, perfect for topping a sandwich or salad. Try replacing cabbage with daikon greens to make a much more interesting coleslaw.  These greens pack so much flavor that you can use it as a „natural dressing” on salads and skip the oil and vinegar.


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