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Sprouting Instructions

Mung beans sprouts


Today I will bring some exotics. It is very fast and easy to sprout mung beans. And their sprouts are crispy, delicious and super nutritious. It goes well to many dishes and can be eaten as a low-calorie snack.

Step 1: Choosing seeds (Day 1)


Choose organic raw Mung beans.

Step 2: Soaking (Day 1)


Pour Mung beans in a jar with warm water. You need 4 times more water than beans. Soak 1/3 to 1 cup of beans in warm water for 8-12 hours

Step 3: Germination (Day 2 and Day 3)

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  • instructions

After 12 hours, drain off soak water, wash the beans and germinate for about 2-4 days. In that period rinse and drain again with warm water – every 8-12 hours. We can germinate in a special sprouter or in a simple jar covered with gauze and pressed with a rubber band. Sprouts don’t need light so we put them in a dark place.

Step 4: Eating (Day 4)


Around day 3-4 beans are ready to be consumed. We recommend pealing off the green bean skin. Eat them alone or garnish your meals. You can leave them in the fridge for a couple of days.


Mung bean sprouts are crispy and crunchy, a sweet and nutty flavor with a tender texture and often added to sandwiches or Chinese dishes. Now it’s your turn to enjoy these delicious beans. Super easy and quick to sprout, with satisfying and tasty results. If you’re looking to try it, you can get beans over here. Also, you can try our sprouters for the best results!

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