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Mustard microgreens

Hello gardeners!

Probably all of you know the taste of mustard. It is a popular spice in a culinary. Some people love it and some people hate it but have you ever tried mustard microgreens? Those greens are also spicy but the taste is different from the one you know. And honestly, it is easier to grow mustard microgreens and to taste it than explain a taste but I will give a try. So when you put a bunch of these micros into your mouth first thing what you notice is crispy texture, second – freshness, and finally – strong and spicy taste. I have never tried fresh wasabi but I imagine that the taste should be similar to this.

Now I will give you instructions on how to grow mustard microgreens on a hemp mat.

Step 1: Choosing seeds (Day 1)


Choose organic raw mustard seeds. Very important to know that mustard is a mucilaginous seed. That means these seeds turn into a gel upon contact with moisture so it shouldn’t be pre-soaked. You will end up with a sticky viscous substance that is difficult to spread on the growing medium.

Step 2: Medium and tray preparation (Day 1)

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Our favourite growing medium is soil however this time I will show you how to grow microgreens on a hemp mat. I have tried many different growing mediums and for hydroponic growing hemp mat was the best.

What you need to do is to soak the mat for at least 3 hours before planting. After soaking you need to put your mat into your growing tray. I recommend to use trays with holes. It is easier to regulate humidity level ant not to overwater your plants.

Step 3: Planting (Day 1)

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Scatter mustard seeds over the moist soil. Seeds should beautifully cover the ground, but not to be too close to each other.

Step 4: Watering (Day 1)

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Water mustard seeds with a sprayer for better contact with the mat. Watering is needed every day. The hemp mat shouldn’t be dry or too wet.

Step 5: Covering (Day 1)


Cover the tray with another tray or saucer until the seeds are sprouted. Mustard, like most of the seeds, germinate best in a dark.

Step 6: Checking humidity level and progress (day 2-3)

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Check the moisture level daily. Add water if needed.

Step 7: Uncovering (Day 4)

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After 3-4 days, when mustard starts to grow, take off the lid and move the tray onto a sunny window sill or a LED shelf.

Step 8: Growing, watering and harvesting (Day 5-8)

If you are using our LED shelf, do not forget that plants also need to sleep. Keep the lights on for 14-16 hours a day or just turn it off when you go to bed and turn on in the morning. Remember to water your plants. Best in the morning. Young sprouts should be sprayed and older plants should be sprayed and sprinkled.

After 7-8 days mustard microgreens are ready to be harvested and eaten.

Follow these simple steps for the perfect result. Remember, that for the best harvest you need the best quality organic seeds which you can easily find here. If you want to see video instructions, check our youtube channel. If you like what you see hit the subscribe button and thumbs up.

Good luck everybody!

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