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Pea shoots


Today I will show you how to grow perfect pea shoots. What you gonna need is a good quality soil, organic peas, trays and saucers, a sprouter and water.

Step 1: Choosing seeds (Day 1)


It is very important to choose organic raw seeds. It should be high quality because only such seeds will have a good germination rate. With such seeds, growing process will be easy and you will be happy with the results.

Step 2: Soaking (Day 1)

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Pour peas in a jar with warm water. You need 4 times more water than seeds. Leave them in a jar for 10-12 hours, or overnight.

Step 3: Germination (Day 2)

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After soaking, drain off soak water, wash the seeds and germinate for about 1-3 days (until small sprout “tail” appear). In that period rinse and drain again with warm water – every 8-12 hours. We can germinate in a special sprouter or in a simple jar covered with gauze and pressed with a rubber band. Sprouts don’t need light so we put them in a dark place. The length of the sprouts should be 1-5 mm.


Sprouted peas can be stored in the refrigerator. We recommend eating them in 2-3 days. Unless you want to grow pea shoots. If so, continue reading.

Step 4: Medium and tray preparation (Day 3)

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You can choose any tray you want: plastic, clay or wooden. For pea shoots growing we will use soil. For us, it is the best medium for pea shoots growing. The ground layer in a tray should be about 3-5 centimeters. Sprinkle the soil.

Step 5: Planting (Day 3)

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Pour the sprouted peas into the tray with soil. Seeds should beautifully cover the ground, but not be one on top of another. Put a little bit of soil on top of your seeds. Water them.

Step 6: Covering (Day 3)


Pea shoots start to grow best in a dark. Cover the tray with another tray or saucer. Check the moisture level every day.

Step 7: Uncovering (Day 6)

After 2-4 days, when pea shoots start to grow, uncover them and move the tray onto a sunny window sill or a LED shelf. If you are using our LED shelf, do not forget that plants also need to sleep. Keep the lights on for 14-16 hours a day or just turn it off when you go to bed and turn on in the morning.

Step 8: Watering


Watering is needed every day. The best time is in the morning. Young sprouts should be sprayed and older plants should be sprayed and sprinkled. The earth should be neither dry nor too wet.

Step 9: Harvesting (Day 14)

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On the 10th to 14th day of cultivation, fresh pea shoots can already be enjoyed. Greens should be grown until they reach 10 – 15 cm. For harvesting pea shoots you can use scissors or a sharp knife. Cut over the ground or leave at least 3 cm of the stem if you want to regrow pea shoots. You can cut them as much as you need for one day or cut them all and keep in the refrigerator like any other salad in a plastic bag or container for up to a week.

Step 10: Eating (Day 14)

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You can see how beautiful pea microgreens are.  And they are very delicious. It has a very sweaty taste. Pea shoots go very well into salads and green cocktails. And they are perfect for any meal decoration.

Now is your turn to grow them. Do not hesitate to send us your pictures with pea shouts to our Facebook, Instagram, or email. We are really interested in how you are handling the growing process, what difficulties you have or joy from growing pea microgreens get. So good luck and let‘s keep in touch. Bye

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