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Sprouting Instructions

Rapeseed microgreens


Did you hear that rapeseed can be used not only for preparing oil but also for microgreens growing? In fact, it is very nutritious, has a very mild taste and goes very well with any other salads or microgreens. Follow the simple steps and you will be able to grow them on your own.

Step 1: Choosing seeds (Day 1)


It is very important to choose organic raw seeds. And it should be high quality because only such seeds will have a good germination rate.

Step 2: Medium preparation and planting (Day 1)

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  • instructions

For rapeseed microgreens growing we will use soil. Our trays and saucers are made from very durable plastic so we will use them as many times as we want after harvesting these microgreens. The ground layer in a tray should be about 3-4 centimeters. Sprinkle the soil. Scatter rapeseed thickly over the moist soil. Seeds should beautifully cover the ground, but not be one on top of another. Water them again with sprayer. Watering is needed every day. The earth should be neither dry nor too wet.

Step 3: Covering (Day 1)


Cover the tray with another tray or using a simple plastic wrap from your kitchen and make many small holes in it or use a special lid for microgreens growing until the seeds are sprouted. Rapeseed germinates best in a dark.

Step 4: Checking humidity level, progress and uncovering (day 2-4)

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Check the moisture level and progress daily. Due to the season, the rapeseed growth may speed up or slow down a little.

After 3-4 days, when rape starts to grow, take off the lid and move the tray onto a sunny window sill or our stylish microgreens growing shelf.

Step 5: Growing and watering (Day 5-7)


If you are using our shelf with grow LED lights, do not forget that plants also need to sleep. Keep the lights on for 14-16 hours a day or just turn it off when you go to bed and turn on in the morning. Do not forget to water your plants. Best in the morning. Young sprouts should be sprayed and older plants should be sprayed and sprinkled.

Step 6: Harvesting and eating (Day 8)


On the 7th to 12th day of cultivation, fresh rapeseed microgreens can already be enjoyed. We suggest you taste them every day and decide when the taste is the best for you. It is recommended to use kitchen scissors for cutting. Cut over the ground. You can cut them as much as you need for one day or cut them all and keep in the refrigerator like any other salad in a plastic bag or container.

Honestly, rapeseed microgreens did the biggest surprise for me from all microgreens I have ever grown. There is nothing so special about it, but these micros have a very nice neutral taste, similar to alfalfa, and pleasant texture. And now, probably you are wondering, where is that surprise I was talking about? The thing is, that rape, as a plant, I know since childhood but never thought that I will be using it for raw eating and growing at home. Maybe you never thought about it as well? If so, grab the best quality seeds and start growing!

Good luck.

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