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Sprouting Instructions

Sprouted lentils


Do you like lentils? If so, maybe you would like to make them even more nutritious, healthier and to add extra minerals? You can easily do all of that! All you need to do is sprouting. Sounds unreal but sprouting neutralizes the phytic acid, which means more vitamins and minerals can be absorbed by your body as they’re digested.


Step 1: Choosing seeds (Day 1)


Lentil, like any other seed for sprouting, should be organic. Also, it should be raw and good quality. If you wondering where to find such seeds, grab them from here.

Step 2: Soaking (Day 1)

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Pour lentils in a jar with warm water. You need 3-4 times more water than seeds. Leave them in a jar for 10-12 hours, or overnight. Soaking helps to soften the beans which help the sprouts to grow.

Step 3: Germination (Day 1)

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After 10-12 hours, drain off soak water, wash the seeds and start the germination. You can germinate in a special sprouter or in a simple jar covered with gauze and pressed with a rubber band. Seeds don’t need light for germination so you can put them anywhere in low light. The optimal room temperature is 21 Celcius.

Step 4: Rinse and drain (Day 2)

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During the germination process, you need to rinse and drain your seeds 2 to 3 times per day. It is very important to do it every day. After thoroughly draining the rinse water, lay the jar on its side to spread out the seeds.

Step 5: Germination (Day 2)

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Repeat rinsing and draining until the sprouts are ready. How fast they develop will depend on how warm they are—the warmer it is, the faster they will develop.

Step 6: Eating (Day 3)


Once your lentils are fully sprouted, dry them with a paper towel and transfer them to the fridge. The sprouts are best fresh but will store for up to 5 days.

Sprouted lentils taste so good! They’ve got a slightly peppery taste that combines well with fresh greens, tomatoes, and herbs. You can eat them raw, which adds a nice crunch to your dish, or blanch them for a minute to soften them both in texture and in taste. Enjoy!

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